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First Project of 2011

December 29, 2011

Here are some shots of a project I started and completed earlier in the year – thought I’d share!


Jamie Drake fabric "Jazzed" for F. Schumacher & Co


colorful ceilings! (guest post)

August 26, 2011

Hi all! I’m Jennifer and I write for†Arcadian Lighting, an e-commerce site that chronicles the work of top interior designers and home decor trends around the world.†I’ve been writing about home decor since graduating university and have loved it ever since. I’m addicted to patterned fabrics, Jonathan Adler, chaise lounges, old doors, milk glass jars, antiques, and chandeliers. Michelle Workman is one of my absolute favorite interior designers, so you can imagine my sheer delight when I was told I’d be writing a post for her amazing website – and about something I love, no less: painted ceilings!

Home decor is made up of all kinds of elements, from furniture and light fixtures to wall art and everything in-between. But one of the best tried-and-true ways to tie the look of a room together is to not only ensure there is a pre-determined colour palette but to also integrate it from bottom to top — tippy-top! Stunning rooms with painted ceilings look seamless and streamlined (not to mention super stylish)! Here are a few faves:

A touch of lavender

Rooms with Painted Ceilings

Simply Irresistible… Designs! via

An interior sunroom with layered window treatments (sheers and heavier curtains), manicured potted plants and a pale purple ceiling all culminate to create a calming oasis.

Mural mural on the ceiling…

Rooms with Painted Ceilings

decor8 via

Michelangelo may have adorned the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, and this dreamy cherub mural on the ceiling of this cozy kitchen adds major visual impact to such a small space. The matching pendant light is a nice added touch — couldn’t even tell there was a light fixture up there!

Matchy matchy

Rooms with Painted Ceilings

My Home Ideas via

A painted ceiling helps create dimension in this whitewashed bathroom – the sky blue section above is a great home decor detail in that it “lowers” the height of the space. The mismatched ceiling lights definitely adds character to this lovely bathroom.

Sunny stripes

Rooms with Painted Ceilings

ChicGeek Designs via

Stunning rooms with painted ceilings don’t always have to have one solid colour – stripes are a stylish way to elongate a space, like this kid’s room.

Great grey

Rooms with Painted Ceilings

Minted Life via

A painted ceiling that “bleeds” onto the walls helps to change the overall depth of this bedroom. The comforter and furniture, such as the bench at the end of the bed, are also in a similar grey hue. The wooden-like light fixture in the middle of the room definitely balances the room.

Posh purple

Rooms with Painted Ceilings

Jordan Guide Design via

A purple ceiling looks more subdued when paired with other elements in the space, like the wall art and the table decorations – the purple print and flowers help bring the look together.

Sky blue

Rooms with Painted Ceilings

life-style via

A painted wood slat ceiling looks less obtrusive when criss-crossed with corresponding white beams. We also love how the fabrics are carried through from room to room.

Trendy turquoise

Rooms with Painted Ceilings

Studio Sweet Studio via

A home office or craft space can be more whimsical and playful than other more formal rooms in a house, so why not paint the ceiling in something unconventional, like a 50s diner turquoise?

Content provided by Arcadian Lighting, a site that specializes in top quality lighting fixtures at extremely affordable prices. Come visit us today!

Buy it now – design board

April 26, 2011

I recently did a design board that was created from resources available to every person – not through a designer.  I had a lot of fun creating the design board and have decided to do another.  All the elements of this design board are readily available for purchase – so if you like it, you can go out and get it!

Modern Out of Africa (the movie was a wonderful inspiration for me when I was young) Bedroom

We start again with the walls, in this case I decided against wallpaper (though I had a really big argument with myself about that) and went with a deep green paint on the walls: Benjamin Moore 2044-10 “Green”. This color makes me relax and think calming thoughts of oceans, forests, mountains, and a peaceful nature.

Benjamin Moore 2044-10 Green

Next is the bed which comes to us from West Elm – normally I would suggest curtains to get that Out of Africa feel but I love the way it looks open too.

Ellipse Bed

Some very crisp and clean bedding from Anthropologie.

Diamond Pleating Bedding

This dresser from Z Gallerie is just the right mix of glam and safari camp with the mirrored drawer fronts and cerused oak frame, the X shape on legs (repeating on mirror) makes one think of the campaign chairs and travel items from that time period too – only modernized.

Carlyle Dresser

A bench at the end of the bed is not only cozy but functional too – a place to sit for the on and off of shoes!

Horchow Angus Metal Bench

Bedside tables complete the furnishings – these from Anthropologie go right along with our African Safari inspiration.

Truss Side Table

a rug (or three – layering them would definitely add to the sense of being in the wild) from West Elm.

Kite Kilim

West Elm Zebra Cowhide Rug

West Elm Masai Rug

Finally, some artwork to keep us inspired….

West Elm Paper Wall Art

Lourdes Sanchez Collection from West Elm

I think you get the idea….

plum tree inspired design board

February 10, 2011

This morning as I was sitting on my porch I noticed that one of my plum trees was starting to blossom and I thought how pretty the colors were. Pale pink, plum red, grey bark. That got me to thinking and well… I haven’t posted in a while so here you go!

Here is a photo of the inspiring tree.

Plum Tree Blossoms

Our walls would be papered in this lovely Silk hand-painted scenic wallpaper from Griffin and Wong


A rug from The Rug Company always delights, This Alexander McQueen is cashmere and divine!

Feathers by Alexander McQueen

A modern, yet plump and cozy sofa from The Collection.

Flanking the sofa these side tables with faux bois legs from Kay O’Toole

Faux Bois Leg - Marble Top

And sitting atop the tables I would put these gorgeous Foo Dog lamps from Belvedere

Foo Dog lamp with acrylic base

In front of the sofa I would use this large bench rather than a coffee table.

Pink Bench from Gustavo Olivieri

And I would refinish the legs dark and reupholster it in this metallic fabric from F. Schumacher

Shimmer Linen

Add these yummy chairs from Baker

Galerie Chair by Andre Arbus

Upholstered in this lovely plum blossom pink from Kravet

Fairmont Lattice - Blush

A dash of modern thrown in with this chair from Pieces

Ultra Modern Chrome Chair

This series of photographs is all that this space needs to be a mix of modern sumptuousness.

Southampton New York - Eric Cahan

Barra de Navidad, Mexico - Eric Cahan

Barra de Navidad, Mexico - Eric Cahan

Thanks to 1st Dibs for hosting such amazing dealers!

Guest Blog Post! By

December 30, 2010

What ís beyond your front door? Your foyer greets your guests, friends and family each time they come to visit. What does it say? An entry or foyer is the first room encountered when entering your home and if you’ve designed it well, it will have your visitors jaws hitting the floor each and every time they come by.

The interior design ideas, principles and elements important in creating a bold and impressive entry are not hard to implement. With just a little know-how, a bundle of creative energy and some fabulous found objects and a few pieces of furniture you and your entry will welcome house guests with an impressive ìhello.î

Image Credit:

Foyer Design One:
The three principles to follow, which create some of the most beautiful entries, are balance, proportion, and symmetry. For instance, think long slender hall table topped by an ornate or unusual framed mirror to match your design style. Balance the length of the table by making sure your mirror is a smaller width than your table, but taller than it is wide. Symmetry comes into play by placing two tall buffet lamps on the table so the shades come just to the edge of the mirrors frame. Another interesting idea; add two vases with tall floral and feather arrangements on the table on either side of the mirror instead. On the wall next to the mirror place two wall sconces, wall pockets or two pieces of small metal wall art. This balances everything out.

Paint all walls or just the focal point wall a brilliant color you love. The newest color being embraced is honeysuckle, a pretty pink with a tendency towards the red spectrum. Be sure to add a rug, perhaps an animal print or fine woven floral wool rug.

Image Credit:

Foyer Design Two:
This works well in a modern or contemporary decor. Follow the principles in the first design, but drop the symmetry, hang an intriguing chandelier or floor lamp off to one side (design element: ìlightî), but keep a balance with the other furnishings, a table and two chairs. Make these pieces simplistically modern and use contrast by bringing in a white or dark wood table with chairs in an opposing finish. Modern chairs with great classic impact are the famous Tulip chair, the Egg chair, or the Panton chair in white polypropylene molded plastic. This entry just begs for wood floors left bare to show their beautiful finish.

Image Credit:

Foyer Design Three:
Over the top and heavily utilizing the design element ornament are more flamboyant entries with lots of texture, lots of color and lots of variety. This entry may still incorporate many of the elements and principles in the first entry, but it isn’t for the faint of heart, the modernist or traditional decor lover. It works well with a worldly interior, for examples look for Moroccan or Parisian foyer design ideas. Crystal-laden chandeliers, colorful carpets, ornately carved seating or tables and candelabras.

No matter which entry style you choose, you can rest assured knowing when someone walks in your front door, they are going to pause and utter Wow. Every home should have an entry that welcomes and gets a response back.

Content provided by Design Shuffle which is a social media site filled with interior design ideas from top tier design talent around the world. Best of all, registration is completely free.

Little Things That Fill Me With Delight!

December 14, 2010

I have been super busy as of late and haven’t had the time to put a lot of thought into a blog post – and while thinking about what I wanted to show you I realized I am in a very lighthearted mood and wanted to share a few things that make me happy just to look upon them.

I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do.

Thomas Paul Greyhound Pillow

I used to have two greyhounds and they are not only the most elegant dogs but so sweet, and yes… CUDDLY.  This Thomas Paul pillow reminds me of them.

Sarah Blank Studios

There is something so charming about this artists work.  It takes me back to a simpler time where nature held wonder for everyone.

Homart Agnes the Sheep

little lambs

The above little lambs make me happy – I found the small grouping seen here in an antique store, Homart makes the cast iron one above.

Antique bust

Another find in an antique store on Cape Cod.  I had such an emotional reaction when I saw this bust.  Something about it moved me deeply.

Simrin Farm Yard Laminated Fabric Trays

Lastly these trays from Simrin are so cute and quaint, simply delightful!

I hope you had a smile on your face while looking at this post – I know I did while writing it!

Defining celebrity.

November 16, 2010

I just had brekkies with my one and only celebrity crush.  Mayer Rus.  You may be asking yourself “who the hell is Mayer Rus?!”  Well Dear Friends, he is the Design and Culture Editor of the LA Times Magazine.  He is better known as the Testy Tastemaker from House and Garden (sadly, shuttered… sob..).

For years I would receive my H&G in the mail and quickly turn to the back to read his column, sometimes I wouldn’t read the rest of the magazine for several weeks but I always read The Testy Tastemaker immediately.  I have worshipped from afar, his turn of phrase, his sense of aesthetic and yes, his humor.  Below is a taste for those of you who are tantalized and a second helping for those of you already in the know.

House and Garden - The Testy Tastemaker

You may be surprised that this is who I would crush on (or more appropriately “stalk”) – when I have had a host of A-list celebrities as clients.  Just as “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”,  celebrity is in the mind of the stalker.  His wit and charm as a writer captivated me from the first reading and this morning much to my ultimate delight I had breakfast with him.  I hope that we can become BFF’s because truly I would hate to have to keep “accidentally” running into him (it might become suspicious).

You can have a bit of him here at his blog for the LA Times Magazine, From Rus with Love – but I better not see you hanging around him, because Dear Friend… he’s MINE!