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About Michelle Workman

As one of Hollywood’s most sought-after interior designers, Michelle Workman possesses a client roster that includes such esteemed and influential individuals as Jennifer Lopez, John Travolta & Kelly Preston, Kirstie Alley and Leah Remini.

Born in Los Angeles, California, Michelle’s penchant for the craft was almost immediately apparent. Some of her fondest childhood memories were of her mother chauffeuring her about the neighborhoods to take in the endless array of visually arresting homes. As a budding young designer, Michelle frequently took pleasure in envisioning and fashioning her very own customdesigned forts.

Described by those who know her as an “easygoing perfectionist,” Michelle’s philosophy is that interior design should embody the spirit and architectural style of the individual whose home is being transformed – literally, a physical manifestation of the client’s most inherent attributes. It’s Michelle’s intention that the outcome of her efforts say of her client, loudly and very clearly, “This is who I am!” – be it gleefully glamorous, classically conservative, or chic chinoiserie.


Michelle Workman, Interior Designer

Michelle Workman, Interior Designer

Michelle’s signature style is a mingling of the modern and vintage. If asked of her inspiration, Michelle freely admits to her bent for the Federal Period, her fondness for Early American décor, and her sincere respect for the French influence on the art of design. Michelle yet remains keenly aware of the contemporary. In her own words, “It’s no longer your grandmother’s house; today’s interiors are more bold, risky and fun!”

Though Michelle relishes in what she calls “the hunt,” that is, evaluating each and every element to ensure the perfect fabric or furniture fit, the true pièce de résistance is when her client walks in the room for the first time to view the final product and is floored by what they find. A typical comment from her clients is that she has captured their style without their having even known what it was, which is a remarkable feat in itself – and one not to be underestimated.

On the subject of trends, Michelle has firm feelings: “They have their place. Right now there’s a Hollywood Regency trend. I think it’s important to remain aware of them and utilize what aspects you deem appropriate, but to me it’s just as important not to follow them. After all, that’s what makes you a trendsetter.” 

Michelle’s engaging personality, calming demeanor and exquisite attention-to-detail continually instill confidence in her clients as she brings into being for them their one-of-a-kind dream home. These qualities, along with Michelle’s professional discretion, have made her one of the top interior-designing choices for celebrities and other high-profile individuals alike.

For more information on Michelle, please visit: For more information on Michelle’s new home-furnishings store, The Red House Interiors, please visit:

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  1. barbara scholl permalink
    November 10, 2009 8:43 pm

    In your October 16 post, you pictured a coffee table with the caption “Global View French Square Leg Coffee Table.” Do you have a source for it?

    • November 14, 2009 12:33 am

      Hi Barbara – That table is made by Global Views, you can order it through my store – or find someone local to you that carries it – you can probably contact Global Views and they can tell you who carries it near you. Hope that helps!

  2. April 2, 2012 1:21 pm

    Hi Michelle,

    We wanted to let you know we featured one of your photos on our blog,
    We are also on Facebook at Feather & Nest.

    The photo is credited to your blog and links back to your blog site.

    We love your style and hope to see more from you. We will be checking out your website.
    Thank you so much for your inspiration!

    Very Warmly,

    Jamie and Kristen
    Feather & Nest

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