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February 2, 2010

In my last post I talked about a previous client that had sold their house with all furniture included in the sale.  Prior to that post I had become extremely busy with two other jobs, and now that previous client has purchased a new house and I have started that.  The home is very large and we are gutting the kitchen and master bath.  The client wants to move in, in 6 weeks!  (Yikes!!!!!!)

So to say the least I have been a wee bit busy.  I haven’t been tweeting or blogging, and I barely see my babies.  I thought maybe for a few minutes I would take a break from the stress and hectic schedule and blog.  Now what should I blog about?  I would blog about the three projects I am on but unfortunately I don’t have any photos to share at this time… So that will have to be a later post.

Hmmm… how about I take a trip down Wishful Thinking Lane?

I have always wanted to buy a Chateau in France… Here is an old Abbey that makes me want to give up everything and live a more simple life.

Oooh La La!

The interior needs work but good gawd – I would be happy to be “working” with this!

Entry Hall and Staircase

And finally a moment of pure pleasure – watching “my” sheep mow the lawn.

A Little Wool Anyone?

And lastly my color palette for the interior… something exuberant and joyous!

Griffin and Wong Du Paquier Handpainted Silk Wallpaper

Quadrille Bagatelle Plum/Denim

Quadrille Aga Reverse Tomato

Quadrille Henriot Floral Pinks

Quadrille Tashkent 1 Royal Blue

There would of course be some solids in those colors as well, this is just a taste.

Oh!  I almost forgot the accessories!

The Perfect Accessories

Hopefully I will have a chance to post more to my blog in the coming weeks – and I promise to try and tweet more too!

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  1. Angel permalink
    February 6, 2010 8:36 am

    Very beautiful place you’re running away to! Someday. It just hollars out “peaceful”. It makes me want to lay on the lawn with your sheep! Save me space in the guest room and schedule me some playtime with your accessories! 🙂

  2. February 6, 2010 8:13 pm

    You, your man and the boy are all welcome to come stay and relax with the sheep!

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